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Technology and innovation

Technology and innovation

The future is the destination to which the Irizar Group is travelling. We are committed to our proprietary technology, which is honed to the smallest detail, differentiated and differentiable.

Creatio, our Research and Development Centre, is the hub of our enormous technological capability. Together with the technology developed by each of the Irizar Group's companies, it addresses all the aspects involved in the design and implementation of products and systems, facing the most unique challenges, increasingly complex customer demands, and sustainability.

This capability places us in a leading position and enables us to participate in important and ambitious projects at world level to outline future directions in mobility and in other business areas.

Innovation is our hallmark. It is part of our culture and extends to products, management, service, image, sustainability and technology. Accordingly, we are constantly progressing, and we are not only increasingly agile, flexible, and adaptable but better able to anticipate future challenges while adding value to our brand and stakeholders.

We also dedicate considerable efforts to increasing knowledge at all levels. We have a training program (ITP: Irizar Trainee Program) for new senior technicians and training processes for all staff recruited to our companies.

Electromobility is a clear example and we work together to improve the surroundings of cities and the health and quality of life of their inhabitants.

The future today, vision zero emissions

Within the Group, we share an integral vision of the future, a sustainable future where zero emissions are combined with smart information.

We invest in the creation of new technologies to offer pioneering solutions for every need, because fulfilling our responsibility towards society and the environment is a duty.

We aspire to be a benchmark in the change towards a sustainable transport system. We rely on our financial strength and experience in mobility, contributing our knowledge in the development of new technologies, solutions and services that guarantee a more sustainable future in economic, social and environmental terms.

We participate in national, European and world projects for the research and development of new non-polluting concepts.